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  • Drive Coussin Angulaire/Bed Wedge

Drive Coussin Angulaire/Bed Wedge

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A bed wedge can be used in 2 positions - to support you while sleeping or while sitting depending whether you use it horizontally or vertically. Typically recommended for sleep apea or post operative care. Two sizes to choose from.

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The Benefits of Wedge Pillows

While some people simply enjoy the feel of wedge pillows, most sleepers end up selecting one for a specific health reason. Most commonly, it’s used to improve or eliminate symptoms related to:

  • Snoring and sleep apnea. When sleeping horizontal on a mattress, gravity works against your respiratory system and can collapse your airway. In some people, this leads to interruption of normal sleeping patterns (sleep apnea). A wedge pillow gently repositions the body and eliminates these occurrences.
  • Cough and post-nasal drip. Caused by mucus dripping down the back of the throat and into the airways, post-nasal drip can create issues both during sleep and upon waking. For many, this leads to a chronic cough that never seems to go away. Sleeping on a wedge pillow provides just enough elevation for the upper body, which prevents mucus from pooling at the back of the throat. Ultimately, this reduces inflammation and irritation, leading to better overall health.
  • Back pain. In people with certain types of back pain, a wedge pillow can provide just enough of an incline to stack the hips and vertebrae in the correct spinal alignment. Typically people with upper back pain benefit more from a wedge pillow than those with lower back pain.
  • Nighttime asthma. For those suffering from nighttime asthma, a wedge pillow fights back against the adverse effects of gravity and prevents blood from pooling in the lungs (which may be one of the causes of breathing issues).
  • Post-operative care. Doctors often recommend wedge pillows in patients who’ve recently had surgery. Depending on where it’s placed, it can reduce swelling and pain in sensitive joint areas. Some people even find two wedge pillows useful – one for the knees and one for the upper body.